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While every business is unique in its challenges, the one characteristic that is similar across the board is the desire to minimize expenses and strengthen the bottom line.

M&B Global Solutions Inc. helps businesses of all types take advantage of an IRS-compliant program that provides more value to employees with a side benefit of potentially significant payroll tax reduction. The result is a stronger organization that stands as an employer of choice in today’s tight labor market.

We are excited to recommend an insurance product that provides additional employee benefits at no net cost without interfering with any existing plans. This innovative program comes with a byproduct of payroll tax savings for both the employer and qualifying employees.

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Any organization with at least 50 W-2 employees is eligible for this program. This includes:

  • Restaurants and foodservice operations
  • Manufacturers
  • Banks and financial services
  • Educational institutions
  • Non-profits
  • Healthcare organizations
  • Government entities

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About M&B Global Solutions Inc.

M&B Global Solutions Inc. features the decades-long entrepreneurial experience shared by the husband-wife team of Mike Dauplaise and Bonnie Groessl. As independent business consultants, we have the freedom to recommend products, programs and services that are appropriate for our clients.

Mike’s career as a professional writer, publisher and marketing consultant spans more than 45 years. He has helped clients in industries as varied as healthcare, manufacturing, foodservice and education. Bonnie began her career in healthcare and eventually owned her own clinic as a holistic nurse practitioner. She is an entrepreneur coach with additional expertise in graphic design, video creation, website design, and selling on Amazon.

Mike Dauplaise and Bonnie Groessl

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